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FaceBook & MySpace
  Kent State University had asked student-athletes to discontinue their Facebook profiles. At Kent State, all student-athletes were expected to take down their Facebook profiles by August 1. Those who did not meet the deadline jeopardized their right to continue to compete. Director of Athletics, Laing Kennedy reversed the policy. Student athletes CAN keep their Facebook profiles, provided they keep them for only friends to see and follow the athletic department's code of expected behavior. Facebook. It used to be an actual book, handed out by your college, with pictures of fellow incoming freshmen. Now, it’s the social networking site that’s sitting right behind MySpace in the internet popularity contest. People have expectations of privacy in cyberspace that just doesn’t exist. Penn State University Police used Facebook to identify and prosecute fans who rushed the field after the Oct. 8 Ohio State game, said the Ohio State University Police Assistant Director Tyrone Parham. At the University of Akron, staffers touch on the issue in the one-day orientation for new students but will provide a more comprehensive approach in coming years. ``It's so new,'' said Lori Reinbolt, director of new student orientation. ``Students don't realize how much personal information they're putting out there.'' Incoming college students are hearing the usual warnings this summer about the dangers of alcohol and credit card debt. But many are also getting lectured on a new topic: the risks of Internet postings, particularly on social networking sites such asFacebook. Kent State offered seminars on the dangers of Internet postings for the first time last spring and will include the issue -- again, a first -- in its new student orientation later this month.

Welcome New members!

It's fun, exciting and challenging every time we start a new season. You all contribute to the success of our kids and improve each other as coaches.   It gives us great satisfaction to be able to help overcome the obstacles we face and gloat in your success!  Keep planning, creating, practicing and working hard to make for a successful Fall 2006 Season.

Go Coaches Go!

-- Steve


Parades, Game Day, Dances, Alumni Events, Bonfires, Parties, Facility Tours, Golf Outings.

Get ready for Spirit Week. Decorate your campus, decorate your community... have the time of your life!

     See the Cheerleaders page for homecoming ideas and traditions past & present.

                    Is your Mascot ready?      


Ohio's All Star Cheerleading Competition Schedule

Ohio's All Star Cheerleading Competition Schedule

2006-2007 Seasons Event Dates Set

See the calendar for Events hosted by Ohio Based

All Star Cheerleading


Mark your calendar - coaches conference June 23, 2007


Get Psyched Sports
Get Psyched Sports

There are 30 million kids playing organized sport in America,

If we all taught the same basic lessons, we can make positive change in our community.

To bring positive change to organized sport from grade school through high school by:


Building self-worth for good mental health


Calming the atmosphere around organized sport


Enhancing personal performance in all areas of life

OACC welcomes this outstanding curriculum program to Ohio Schools!

Contact: or at




  • Cheer and Dance Coaching Principles and Ethics
  • Program Management and Cheer Fundamentals
  • Coaching Stunts and Tumbling I
  • Cheer and Dance Coaching Principles and Ethics


Stunts and Tumbling II

Coaching Stunts and Tumbling I

At Mount Vernon Nazarene University, 800 Martinsburg Road, Mount Vernon

November Dates are available in nearby Littlestown, PA     Spirit Safety Certification


Win or Lose

A great resource for Parents of athletes growing in their sport and for

Coaches who need a source to learn to work with and understand parents.

The booklet is available from our friends at the National Council of Youth Sports.

Quantity prices are available for coaches and leagues. Single price $6.00

OHSAA Insurance Change

The Ohio High School Athletic Association Insurance Coverage has changed!

Effective August 1st, 2006 the OHSAA no longer provides catastrophic insurance coverage for students whose sport is not "recognized" by them.

OHSAA has endorsed insurance broker Loomis & LaPann to offer schools the opportunity to purchase catastrophic insurance coverage at a reasonable cost.

Please be sure that your cheerleaders are adequately covered for full particiapation: Camps, Away games & travel, community service off-site, pep rallies, community events, competitions, parades...etc

Student Coaches
  Thank you to all the student coaches volunteering their time to teach the youth cheers, chants, technique and mostly what it means to be a leader of character. Don't forget to fill out forms and get community service points for your transcripts for all your hard work!

High School SuperBowl!!

The Big 33 is Much More Than a Game - the High School SuperBowl!

The philosophy is to make sure the PNC Big 33 Football Classic (Ohio vs. Pennsylvania) is much more that just a football game by building activities around the event involving Big 33 players, Big 33 cheerleaders, buddies, host families and scholarship winners.

Approaching its 50th Anniversary, the Big 33 enjoys a rich history both on the football field and off. Since 1985, over $2,463,769 has been raised for academic scholarships. This year, the Big 33 awarded $369,000 in academic scholarships to high school seniors throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.

All Star Cheerleaders: Cheerleaders are selected from high schools on the basis of ability and spirit.

The squad also has a full week of practice and community activities, culminating with a spectacular halftime performance.

Youth Clinics: As a Big 33 cheerleader - you would teach and interact with local youth. Dreams are created.

Coaches & ADs -- The Game is played in early to Mid-June at Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, PA.

Scholarship Applications will be available online after November 1,2006. Please select nominees that exemplify the character of a cheerleader.


The OACC is proud to be on the Committee for Youth Sports for the

Ohio Parks and Recreation Association.

We look forward to working toward common goals with

The Girls Institute of Ohio

and their Director, Michelle Park. The Girls Institute is an Outreach Program for the (OPRA) Ohio Parks & Recreation.

The collaboration of partners at The Girls Institute is working together to develop programs

for girls in an effort to get them positive experiences.

Cheerleading Injury Survey

The Children’s Research Institute Center for Injury Research (Columbus Children's Hospital) and The Ohio State University are conducting a first-ever on-line reporting system to survey cheer related injuries and identify risk factors..

This is a one year study      June 5, 2006 through June 3, 2007.

Hiring New Staff

Seasonal or permanent, Here's a good tip from our friends at Character Counts!

"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, but knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful." Warren Buffet updated the notion: "In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. But if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you."

Since it's easier to train a person of good character to do a job well than it is to develop character in a skilled but unprincipled employee, if you have to choose, hire for character and train for skills.

Cheer Coach & Advisor magazine
Building Better Cheer Programs.

Conflict Resolution

Request your free fax copy of the 12 Points of Conflict Resolution Skills.

Turn every dispute a win-win for all. Gain 12 basic skills which may be relevant to solving any conflict.

Try-Out Judges

A list of Ohio Certified Judges is available.   HOWEVER-- we are still in need of Judge VOLUNTEERS to help other coaches judge their try-outs unbiased. If you would like to help judge tryouts for schools or organizations in your area ...Please email Delphia at

The Spirit of a Buckeye
   The Spirit of a Buckeye

"The Spirit of a Buckeye: Brutus Buckeye's Lessons for Life"

By Brutus Buckeye with help from James Clevely, Meredith Dean & Michelle Marshall

A beautifully photographed booklet of Brutus at his best. A keepsake for any Buckeye Fan, Team Mascot and lessons for our PeeWee Spirit Leaders.

Request your copy from Cleverley Created at 614-470-0027 or the OACC office. Single price approx $12.00

Jamie Clevely is an energetic speaker with ideas to promote and train your mascot. Please add a mascot seminar to your next workshop or clinic.                        

Workshop at Your facility

Plans are currently being formulated for clinics, workshops and conferences in all 8 districts.

New coaches and certifications.  All levels.

Contact: Linda or Pam  or


COA Dream Team

Have you ever watched cheerleaders and dancers performing in a parade or half time show

during the holidays and wondered how you could take part in the fun?

Each year COA gives its most talented cheerleaders and dancers the opportunity to perform in front of tens of thousands of people at Bowl Games and Holiday Parades across the country.

Teams and individuals can qualify at all COA Summer Camps.

AACCA Certification
AACCA Certification

Amy (Barta) Clark                                  Heather Kennedy          
330-482-1655                                            800-639-7510


October 1st    12:00 noon to 4:00 pm
Elite Cheer & Dance
1241 Industrial Parkway North,  Brunswick    (Cleveland/Akron)
Instructor: Bill Brazier
Phone: 804-746-5650

November 9th  6:00 pm
Home of Betsey Taylor
503 Buckeye St       Miamisburg, OH
Instructor: Rose Clevenger
Phone: 336.985.3432
This is intended but not limited to Christian school coaches in this area.

If you do not see a course above that fits your schedule or location, please check with one of the safety instructors listed below.

Instructors by Course

AACCA Safety Course

Partner Stunt Progressions Course

Motions, Jumps and Tumbling Course


Americheer offers 20th Anniversary Incentive

20th Celebration Bash: 20 for 20... Introducing AmeriCheer's newest and most innovative camp concept where you can hold a private camp AND earn cash for doing so at the same time!

In celebration of AmeriCheer's 20th Anniversary they are offering a cash back incentive just for holding an AmeriCheer private camp! Here's how it works: Begin with 20 participants (minimum) from your school/organization. Recruit an additional 20 participants (minimum) from a separate school/organization to join you at your private camp and receive $20 per person commission on every attending participant over you orginal number of 20!

  • New cutting-edge material for school, rec, and all-star teams.
  • New dances infused with moves learned from the New York hip hop circuit.
  • An energizing cardio routine will "kick start" your morning.
  • Ignite the Stands and excite the fans with help from this new class.

Chivalry isn't dead... Find it in our Game Day class.

Rally Routine- take this routine and own it!

What's Hot- think you know
? Think again!

Gear Up for Homecoming pep rallies....Competition season is upon Us....Get ready for Basketball season.

American Cheerleader

is the ONLY magazine for teens who cheer! Each issue brings you scholarship info, fab fundraising ideas, stunt how-tos, and stories on celebs who cheered!

1 year (6 issues) only $14.95!

To comply with laws protecting your safety, please print out the subscription form
and discuss the subscription with your parents. You can mail your subscription to:

P.O. Box 1957
Marion, OH 43306-8075.


Online Sports Safety Education

Online courses make it easy to get sports safety education. With the National Center for Sports Safety's PREPARE online course, coaches can learn the basics in safety with the convenience of distance learning.

NCSSE Exec Director - Hats Off!

NSCCE Executive Director Debbie Bracewell Wins the

 Spirit Industry Trade Association (SITA) 2005

Leadership Award for Affiliate Companies!

Lights ON!

In October, more than 7,500 communities and one million Americans will celebrate

Lights On Afterschool

a nationwide event organized by the Afterschool Alliance to rally support for afterschool programs.

Community organizations and programs are invited to hold their own celebration or participate in a local event, and help call attention to the benefits of afterschool programs.

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